Hospital Information System

Next Generation Medical Solutions

Taking advantage of new technologies, the HIS is built with the future in mind. Designed to be used by frontline healthcare professionals for every aspect of their work in a hospital or clinic setting. Our System copes with today’s need for portability and immediate access to information with a multi-platform support approach for both PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

Standards Compliant,
Local extensions

Standards Compliant System from the ground up with support for international healthcare standards: HL7, ICD 10, SNOMED-CT, ICPC-2, LOINC and DICOM-III The system also support Local standards extensions for various local implementations, out-of-the-box support is available for Hong Kong Drug Standard and Hong Kong Clinical Terminology Table.

User Interface
for the Clinician

Design with patient safety and quality care in mind. With increasing amount of information in medicine in daily care, the way the information is presented is critical to efficiency and safety.
With our HIS, the information is presented in a way that clinicians can understand and easily navigate through a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Connection with
CMS-adaptation module

Designed with CMS-adaptation module in mind, our HIS can be easily connected with all the modules, making this as easy as plug and play. The HIS can also be connected to future modules.

The system has built-in capability to connect to standard compliant bluetooth healthcare devices.

Enterprise Architecture,
Modular Design

The system is designed with modern enterprise architecture: multi-tier and SOA. They are modular in nature and expandable for future capabilities. The Front-end can be modified with different mobile OS easily.

Strong Security &
Industry Leading Encryption

The system is a defense-in-depth design with data encrypted in all communication, from the server to user’s device and also internally from server to server, using a industry strong cryptographic algorithm.

Communicate with Patients

The HIS is strong in communications with patients using built in capability to connect to patients via our native iOS/ Android app. Patients can be alerted for drug reminders, appointment reminders and other important notices.


Electronic Health Record (EHR)

This is an advanced relational system which stores and process all the patient's medical records including family records. These data are encrypted with industry strongest cryptographic algorithm. The data is only revealed to the designated medical staff with the patient's consent.


Prescription System

This module connects the pharmacy with the doctor's dashboard. Prescriptions for each patients are digitally signed and delivered to the pharmacy. This system can also interface with a stock control system to alert doctors and employees of any short supplies.


BP Monitoring Application

This module is developed to work on bluetooth connected Sphygmomanometers. The patient's data is automatically downloaded and stored into the cloud server. Smart diagnosis can be computed by the servers on-the-fly while taking the patient's historic into account, an alert could be generated and sent to relevant medical professionals automatically.


Patient Booking System

This module allows patients to set up appointments online via a web or app interface. Medical staffs can be assigned at will including the possibility to mark specific rooms in reservation for the patient's treatment.