Enterprise Solutions

Empowering organizations with our extensive experience in data policies, communication systems, and software development. Our team of system engineers will help you find the most efficient path to problem-solving.

Multi-Platform Experts

Our team has experience developing apps that work across all modern platforms. Mobile devices, desktops and enterprise mainframes.

Short Dev Cycle

Using industry recognized strategies such as Agile methodology, we can optimize and shorten our development cycle while preserving a high level of efficiency.

Comprehensive Care

We have one of the most extensive nursing period and maintenance support. Our team is readily available to troubleshoot any problem.


Hospital Information System

Designed to be used by frontline healthcare professionals for every aspect of their work in a hospital or clinic setting. Our System copes with today’s need for portability and immediate access to information with a multi-platform support approach for both PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

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Education System

Another pillar of modern human society. Tactic works with industry leading pedagogists together with a multi-national team, to develop one of the most effective and comprehensive teaching solutions available on the market.

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Financial Technology

We have worked with renowned bankers and stock traders to develop a system to track the stock market's movements and use this information to generate real time purchase/ sale advisories. The system is capable of interpreting historical data dating as far back as 7 years for predictive risk assessment reporting.


Staff Attendance System

Tatic's personnel has developed a custom Staff Attendance System which is able to monitor staffs working hours, automatic warning issuance and payroll calculation. This system relies primarily on RFID enabled cards as a mean of check-in but can be easily modified to accommodate other solutions such as NFC or BLE.


Invoicing & POS System

For this project, we have created a system for the client to track their sales team's performance, giving them the ability to view data regarding estimated commissions, inventory check and payment status on the fly. This system is hosted in-house at the client's premises.


Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS)

This system manages all the aspects of interaction our client has with its customers; personal data, sales records, various operating locations, possible connections with other customers and all services rendered in the past.