Education System

E-Learning Suite

The future of learning and teaching lies within our hands.
Medbirdie works with industry leading pedagogists together with a multi-national team, to develop one of the most effective and comprehenstive teaching solutions available on the market.

Animated Stories

Engaging animations that accompany learning materials created by learning specialists.

Polling & Sharing

Teachers can organise classroom or school wide activities, allowing students to join and to view their classmate's content.

Teacher Student Portal

Teachers, parents and students stay in contact with child's progress through a modern and secure online portal

Grading System

Completed exercises can be graded instantly. Exam questionnaires may also be customised and sent to the classroom.

Interactive Exercises

Educations and learning specialists have shown that learning through playing is the best memory retention exercise.

Instant Messaging & Notifications

Children's tablets stay connected with the teachers and fellow classmates via Push Notifications, E-mails and SMS.


National-level Rollout

Our systems have been rigorously tested for nation wide deployments. Each server is load balanced to accommodate simultaneous connections from million of tablets. Student and teacher data is encrypted using USA's NSA certified algorithms to ensure no information will be revealed in case of potential security breach. Tactic's personnel has frequently worked with schools, content publishers and ISP's engineers for live runs to ensure our system's optimal performance.