Market's Best
In-House Digital Artists

Without any doubt, the unique aspect of Tactic is the exceptional team of artists behind it. Members from various backgrounds in media, video production, motion graphic artists and print designers all merging into a melting pot of the best in-house digital artists Hong Kong has to offer.

Step 1
Identify the Target Audience

Analytical data of past trends and cultural nuances from well known sources is taken into consideration.

Step 2
Ideas & Mock-ups Generation

Based on the findings; ideas, mock-up previews, user workflows and wire-frames are created for the client to review.

Step 3
Execution & Production

The mockups are developed into real content, our designers work closely with developers.

Step 4
Live Deployment

The final produce is passed onto the developers for implementation and roll out.


Branding Works

Our team of designers originate from various ethnic backgrounds and culture. As such, we are able to offer branding works that transcend spoken languages. Tactic can assist you in creating meaningful Chinese and English company names, we work with Fengshui masters to find the most optimum name for you. As part of our visual identity services, we offer a complete set of branding works; logo design, stationery design, corporate identity development, advertisement and poster designs, print design, clothing and apparel design.


User Interface Design

Every aspect of a designed graphical element has to pass through an internal user interface specialist before obtaining approval for implementation. We work with industry leading specialists to devise the most intuitive UIs for all our projects.


Usability Testing

Tactic's UX team is equipped with camera eye tracking systems and mouse pointer tracking system. This combination gives us a documented overview of how each graphical element in an interface is affecting the user's experience. We are able to conduct tests with multiple candidates at one time.


Motion Graphics

Our team includes experienced videographers, graphic designers and digital artists. Together, we are able to offer viewer engaging videos promoting a product, software, web app or project.


3D Rendering

We work with 3D Artists who are currently employed by major USA game publishers, their expertise allows Tactic to deliver unrivalled 3D product in Hong Kong. These components can be directly translated into schematics for manufacturing and mass production.


Booth & Exhibits Design

Our team has experience working with conference and events organisers to arrange for booth designs and setups. We have worked in spaces located in HKCEC for major international brands. Our services include interior design, prop arrangements, equipment rental, part time staff and model management.